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I am a fusion dance artist and teacher, a fire dancer, and a visual artist. I draw inspiration from nature, music, and the amazing people that come into my life. I am also a conservationist who makes jewelry and found object multimedia craft type art in my spare time (when I'm not reading, writing, or lighting things on fire and dancing around with them). I love to dance barefoot on the beach, watch the stars move inexorably across the heavens, and to laugh with the people that I love. I am currently based in Greenville SC, working with Discordia Arts to provide unique and exciting entertainment to the Upstate.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Introducing Jaidra's Bellydance Calendar

The more computer literate I become (and I started at negative 0 - I swear), the more I come to appreciate google and all of the wonderful free gadgets and products that they have to make my life easier.

I am really enjoying my belly dance classes, but as I add more classes, I face the difficulty of disseminating all of this information to the public. I have facebook event invitations running and have sent out emails, but since I am using my blog as my major web presence right now, I was having difficulty trying to figure out how to add that information in here. I found the "gadgets" for calendars in the design section of blogger, but I couldn't find what I was looking for - a customizable calendar.

Da-da-da-daaaa....Google to the rescue. Once again, I find the answer in the simplest of places. Create a google calendar and paste the html right into my blog. So, without further ado - if you're looking for more information (including times, places, and descriptions) about my bellydance classes and/or any events where I will be performing, you can find a link to my calendar on the right side of this blog.

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