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I am a fusion dance artist and teacher, a fire dancer, and a visual artist. I draw inspiration from nature, music, and the amazing people that come into my life. I am also a conservationist who makes jewelry and found object multimedia craft type art in my spare time (when I'm not reading, writing, or lighting things on fire and dancing around with them). I love to dance barefoot on the beach, watch the stars move inexorably across the heavens, and to laugh with the people that I love. I am currently based in Greenville SC, working with Discordia Arts to provide unique and exciting entertainment to the Upstate.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lots of Dancing!!

The last two weekends have been my favorite kind: chock full of Bellydance! And, it doesn't show signs of stopping.

First, on Friday evening, Feb 22, Discordia Arts and our dear friend Teejei, joined Wasted Wine on stage at the Handlebar in Greenville, SC. We had a fantastic evening full of beautiful, unique music, and we debuted a brand new theatrical fusion bellydance piece as living music boxes! I didn't get any pictures of the event, since I was a bit busy, but the photograph below was posted on Facebook by Fete Greenville
Jaidra Performs to Fall Upon Me with Wasted Wine at the Handlebar
Saturday night brought even more beautiful dancing, as I took to the stage along with a variety of Greenville's finest bellydancers and students at an informal hafla hosted by Nadira. Community events are always a ton of fun. It is exciting to get to see the range of styles and talents that Greenville boasts.

Following last weekend, we had a week full of practices, dress rehearsal, and planning to get ready for last night's show. Discordia Arts presented our Spring Student Showcase and Hafla. My students, Brandy's students, and many of our friends showed up and danced their hearts out. We were blessed to be joined by talented musicians from as far away as Columbia, Atlanta, and Asheville in addition to local drummer, Marcus, and the incomparable Robert Gowan.
Hopefully, I will have photos to share soon. Last night was amazing. The last few weeks of dancing, music, fellowship, hard training, and community has really reminded me why I dance. Love and Shimmies!

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